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Rockstar reportedly hiring synthwave artists for GTA VI radio stations

Published: 09:56, 06 August 2020
Updated: 10:01, 06 August 2020
GTA VI mockup showing gta logo on pink background
GTA VI mockup by AltChar

Vice City as GTA VI setting looks more and more likely with each passing month. Today, we have a new clue which suggests that Rockstar are contacting synthwave producers for GTA VI music clearance.

We're still a couple of years away from the next Grand Theft Auto game but rumours and leaks are already floating around the internet. Most leakers claim that the game will be set in Vice City during the 80s and will be titled simply GTA Vice.

Today, we have another clue that supports these leaks and rumours. In a since-deleted tweet, Vector Hold, which is a synthwave project by Peter Brian Rice from the San Francisco Bay Area, revealed that synthwave artists have been contacted for GTA VI music clearance and that GTA VI will most likely take place in Vice City. Here is the tweet in full :

"GTA VI will most likely take place in Vice City. Music rights clearing people have been hitting up synthwave artists for a radio station."

YouTube GTA: Vice City screenshot showing a man on a motorbike GTA: Vice City with mods

As always with leaks and rumours, you should take this with a grain of salt since Rockstar Games are yet to officially confirm the work on GTA VI. That being said, it does seem highly likely that synthwave will be one of the main themes of the next game if the game is indeed set in a recreation of 80s Miami. 

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Thanks, Reddit.

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