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Rocket League to introduce blueprints instead of loot boxes

Published: 10:10, 02 October 2019
Updated: 10:11, 02 October 2019
Car blueprint on a blue table
Rocket League blueprint

Psyonix already announced they would ditch loot boxes in Rocket League for a system more in line with Fortnite's shop. Now they revealed what the new blueprints will look like and how they will function.

Following the announcement about loot box removal from August 2019, Psyonix elaborated on the new system that will take its place. Players will now be able to acquire blueprints instead of crates but the acquisition methods will remain the same. Blueprints are random but will immediately show players what they will get before committing to obtaining those items.

In order to get the item from a blueprint, players will need to use credits which are the premium currency in Rocket League that will replace keys. Just like crates, blueprints will have Painted, Certified and Special Edition tiers. 

Item shop will appear with the loot box-removing update in December 2019, offering new items as well as ones from legacy crates on a rotation. Credits will also function as a currency for purchasing items here.

Those who happen to still have crates at the time of the update will find blueprints instead, after the patch is applied. Similarly, any keys in an account's inventory will be converted into credits. 

One new crate will arrive to Rocket League on 3 October 2019, called the Vindicator Crate, featuring the Sentinel Battle-Car pictured below.

Psyonix Rocket League Sentinel Battle-Car Rocket League Sentinel Battle-Car

As traders predicted, this new system will be the end of trading websites as players will no longer be able to transfer anything obtained from blueprints, shop or legacy content to other accounts. 

You can check out the full on Psyonix's website.

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