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Rocket League Season 5 will start on November 17

Published: 14:12, 15 November 2021
Rocket League - Season 5
Rocket League - Season 5

Rocket League's Season 5 "Blast Off" will kick off by the end of the week. The new season brings rewards, a fresh Rocket Pass, the Starbase Arc and a limited-time mode.

Rocket League's Season 5 has just been announced. The upcoming season will take players to space, feature a new Arena variant, Rocket Pass, Limited Time Mode (LTM), Competitive Season, and kick off on November 17 on all platforms.

Rocket League Season 5

Starbase Arc: Aftermath Arena Variant 

The classic Starbase Arc Arena has changed somewhat after being invaded by an evil force but it will be available when Season 5 starts on November 17.

New Rocket Pass 

The next Rocket Pass' headliner is the Nexus car. The Pass will feature items such as the Spacedirt Paint Finish, Hyperspace Animated Decal, and Cosmosis Goal Explosion. The Season 5 Rocket Pass will be fully detailed in an announcement set to release on November 16.

Heatseeker Ricochet LTM 

A new Heatseeker Ricochet limited-time mode will provide a twist on three new Rocket Labs Arenas (Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass) beginning November 18.

Additional Updates 

On top of the new season, Rocket League is also getting some general quality of life improvements as well as Season 4 Competitive Rewards. The reards will be doled out shortly after the new season kicks off. 

Rocket League Season 5 will go live on November 17 following a game update on November 16 at 4 p.m. PST (12 a.m. UTC November 17).

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