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Rocket League will get new ranks, season and newbie experience

Published: 05:15, 03 September 2020
Updated: 11:59, 03 September 2020
Rocket League vehicle with Red Envelopes Boost
Rocket League, Red Envelopes Boost

Epic Games' purchasing of Psyonix and Rocket League resulted in major changes, such as the game going free to play in the future and devs now offered a glimpse into the upcoming alterations.

Seasons, competitive tournaments and rocket pass will get a streamlined schedule when the transition to free to play happens. Season 1 will begin when the F2P launch goes live and rocket pass will not be numbered on its own but tied to the season it's attached to. 

New ranks will arrive with the new seasons. Well, it's just one rank really - Supersonic Legend, which will be added above the Grand Champion tier. Grand Champion will be split in three tiers and those who are currently in the rank will most likely end up in the highest tier of it but that will depend on their placement matches.

Supersonic Legend and Grand Champion will have season rewards at the end of the season as well as titles that will correspond to the rank. Furthermore, MMR will be displayed on the playlist menu after hitting GC1.

New player experience will be altered as well in order to accommodate the inevitable torrent of newbies when Rocket League goes free to play. More people will be shifted to the median rank of Gold 3 which basically means those who are currently at lower ranks will get an initial boost closer to it. This is done so the newbies don't get matched with experienced players as often.

To further part the two groups, new players will now need to reach level 10 before they will be able to play ranked. 

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rocket League, Forbidden Temple Arena

Before getting there, the new players will get the overhauled tutorial that will teach them about HUD and button layout basics. New Driver Challenges will also be around.

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