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Psyonix are removing Rocket League loot boxes soon

Published: 14:16, 07 August 2019
Rocket League
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Rocket League

Rocket League has had a turbulent period after Epic Games acquired Psyonix but some news that everyone will like surfaced recently. All the paid loot boxes will be removed from the game entirely, replaced with a more transparent system.

Psyonix initially introduced loot boxes to Rocket League in 2016 to supposedly help fund esports events but the abhorrent mechanic remained for years afterwards. To the developers' defence, players were able to attain them without paying but it's hard to justify paid loot boxes anywhere under any circumstances.

While Epic Games are receiving flak left and right for snatching games previously advertised on Steam and forcing players to use an inferior launcher, some of their positive influence on the industry can be felt through Rocket League as well.

They will not be removing the "surprise mechanics" entirely but it's definitely a watered-down version, much friendlier to consumers. 

According to the , the new monetisation system will follow that of . Players will be able to see exactly what's in the box which doesn't contain duplicates or anything related to detective Mills and items from the box can be earned individually with in-game currency.

Therefore, players should theoretically be offered an opportunity to circumvent the loot box system entirely, which is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the industry.

There are some speculations about Epic's ulterior motives for partially purging paid loot box systems from their games, such as the rising issue for loot box peddlers as more countries are clamping down on gambling in gaming. China is probably the largest single market that the companies are looking out for.

Psyonix Picture of several vehicles in Rocket League chasing a ball Rocket League

Against all odds, however, it appears that a group of Rocket League players are actually , as evidenced by the replies on the official Twitter post by Psyonix.

While the ramifications to the trading market could be serious, it's still hard to process someone wanting paid gambling to stay in a game that's otherwise suitable for children who tend to empty parents' bank accounts thanks to loot boxes.

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