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Rocket League goal explosion costs more than the game

Published: 00:47, 06 December 2019
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Psyonix's move to discard loot boxes from Rocket League initially seemed like a good idea but then they revealed the prices of the items in the shop. The hilariousness reached the boiling point when fans pointed out that prices of some cosmetics exceed purchasing the game itself.

Psyonix recently introduced the Blueprints to Rocket League, the mechanic that replaced the loot boxes. Players can now finally purchase the cosmetics they want outright, without having to gamble for them. They do, however, have to pay obscene prices.

Players started complaining almost immediately after the was released as the microtransactions turned out to be anything but micro. For example, a single goal explosion effect costs $25 / €25 which exceeds Rocket League's own price of $19.99 / €19.99. 

That is not the only offender though and the feedback Psyonix got from players is far from positive. At the time of writing, Rocket League's subreddit was flooded with threads started by disillusioned fans with headlines to match.

Some are even going as far as calling for everyone to for the play controlled vehicles as a sign of protest to the shop changes. Others are taking more direct approach and calling for a complete boycott of the shop prices.

Considering the price estimates went up by , it's hard to imagine players will be content with them. Then again, it remains to be seen how many will actually purchase items at such prices and whether they will make it work for Psyonix. 

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After all, loot boxes did for a while and they are based on the foundation of forcing players to pay more than they usually would for certain cosmetics by shovelling filler content they are not interested in. The major difference with Rocket League's shop now is that players actually see how overpriced some items are.

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