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Rocket Arena trailer shows colourful character cast and abilities

Published: 16:34, 13 July 2020
Rocket Arena character flying a hoverboard
Rocket Arena, fly shoot and shoot some more

EA rolled out a new trailer for Rocket Arena called Heroes of Crater, which will get you up to speed with characters and their abilities ahead of tomorrow's launch.

Rocket Arena, not to be confused with Psyonix's Rocket League, is a 3v3 shooter where everyone wields rockets, which would be a much simpler prospect if each character didn't wield his/her own brand thereof. 

One of the trademark features of Rocket Arena, however, is that you can't die. Granted, you will be blasted out of the arena once you take too many hits, but you can simply ride your rocket back in, check out your surroundings and get back into the fight. 

In short, Rocket Arena has:

  • Non-lethal rockets that blast players rather than kill them
  • A blast meter, rather than a health bar, that determines how far a player will fly
  • A Knockout and Megablast mechanic
  • Carefully tuned Rocket Jumping and Rocket Climbing
  • In-the-action returns, allowing players to fly back into the Arena rather than respawn

Rocket Arena comes with four modes at launch. Knockout is about reaching a set number of knockouts; Rocketball has teams picking up the Rocketball and scoring it into the opposing team goal; Mega Rocket is about capturing and defending zones, while Treasure Hunt requires holding the treasure chest or picking up coins to score. 

The game will feature casual as well as Ranked modes, the latter featuring Knockout, Rocketball and Mega Rocket matches. Crater, which is where Rocket Arena takes place, is home to 10 exotic maps, although it's fair to assume EA will be expanding the offer along the way. 

EA Rocket Arena character with a bazooka Rocket Arena, do you feel lucky?

Rocket Arena's list of heroes includes 10 heroes at launch, namely Amphora, Blastbeard, Boone, Izell, Jayto, Kayi, Mysteen, Plinnk, Rev and Topnotch. 

As you'll see from the trailer, all of Rocket Arena's characters all come with own rocket flavours, from Topnotch's bouncing grenades with an optional delayed explosion effect, to Izell's quick-firing but short-ranged ones. 

You can check out all the heroes and their powers on the game's website , or check out more images below.

Rocket Arena, 3v3 rocket shooter by Final Strike Games and EA

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rocket Arena, fly shoot and shoot some more

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