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Risk of Rain 2 free anniversary update live for consoles

Published: 17:04, 29 June 2021
Hopoo Games
Consoles finally catch up to PC version of the game
Consoles finally catch up to PC version of the game

Being stranded on an alien planet is fun and exciting, at least for some time. After a while, you feel like you've seen it all, and know your companions to their core, so it's good news that a free update is here to change things up a bit.

Risk of Rain 2 is coming up to its two-year anniversary, still strong as ever. Time sure flies by, especially when you're having fun exploring an alien planet, killing giant monsters, and being up to all kinds of tomfoolery in general.

To celebrate their success in reaching this milestone, and to keep the game fresh and relevant, as is a tradition these days in the gaming industry, Risk of Rain 2 is receiving a free update. The update is live now for PlayStation 4, according to the announcement trailer released today.

A new survivor, reminiscent of a pirate and cowboy rolled into one, will be the newest playable character. What can be gleaned from the trailer, the survivor's combat style is exactly what one can expect from his description, a swashbuckling, midrange combatant, that feels like John Wayne incarnate.

Aside from a new survivor, new stages are implemented into the game. It would appear that these stages are not mere repaints of existing ones, but are new challenges altogether. With new enemies to defeat, new objectives to accomplish, and options for players to use in doing all this, such as an orbital strike on a particularly tough enemy.

Hopoo games Alien planets are weird in both flora and fauna Alien planets are weird in both flora and fauna

The final addition leans towards the more fantastical aspect of the game. Namely, the new boss that is being added, which resembles a deity mashed up from all kinds of mythologies. The boss is a large one, and adds a contrast of fantasy to this sci-fi setting, making it all a space opera game, more in line with Star Wars, rather than Star Trek.

Whatever the case, Risk of Rain 2 is here to stay, and with the new update being free, this game is a gift that keeps on giving.

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