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Riot introduces client changes in PBE for League of Legends' preseason

Published: 02:41, 13 November 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - First page of the End of Game lobby
League of Legends - First page of the End of Game lobby

Riot have been promising a lot of things regarding League client experience. Most of it was unwanted and unneeded, but they may have hit the mark on these changes as they seem quite promising.

End of Game has also gotten a pretty hefty overhaul. It has been split into two screens: One for your personal progression and one for the game’s scoreboard.

The Progression Page still displays all the things you’re used to, such as Ranked progress, Champion Mastery, and Summoner Level on the left; Honor received in the lower right. The big change is the progression carousel, which shows you the challenges and Eternals you leveled up, brought close to leveling up, or had a standout performance on.

The scoreboard has a new look and feel but remains very similar to the one you see today. Riot have added a few changes though:

  • Added lane position,
  • Added K/DA,
  • Added a column that toggles between damage dealt to champions, damage taken from champions, healing/shielding done, and CC score,
  • The gold earned column toggles to minions killed,
  • Added a column to show which challenge each player progressed the most,
  • Honor also shows up here, since teammates may honor you after you've already moved over from the Progression tab.

Riot Games League of Legends - Second page of the End of Game lobby League of Legends - Second page of the End of Game lobby

The loading screen has also gotten a facelift! The Ranked Crest redesign from lobbies has carried over, and player cards also have a more contemporary look and feel. There's also a functional change: Player cards now have three sides. It will include all the existing information, with the addition of completed Challenges.

The foundations of the new pre-game and post-game lobby will go live in 12.1 to accompany the start of the ranked season, but the complete launch will come a few months afterward.

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