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Riot Games will consider double elimination for future LoL Worlds

Published: 01:50, 04 November 2021
Riot Games
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League of Legends might end up having even more matches during World Championships in the future as Riot Games are entertaining the idea of double elimination.

World Championships in League of Legends have run into issues occasionally, but one of the more frequent complaints during Worlds 2021 was not related to such a mishap. Instead, the focus was on the tournament's knockout stage and its format, which is outdated now.

LoL Worlds currently sports the single-elimination bracket, meaning that if a team gets beaten in a best-of-five, they are out of the tournament, with no second chances. While this may initially sound like a reasonable way for a tournament to progress, there are a few nuances.

For example, if two tournament favourites meet in the quarterfinals, one gets knocked out and the other ends up winning the whole thing, one has to wonder whether the knocked out team deserved a better placement.

This is where the dual elimination system will kick in since the losing team will have an opportunity to reach the finals once again, through the loser's bracket. As such, chances of the best teams getting eliminated too early should be heavily diminished, if not outright removed.

Fans who were watching Worlds 2021 kept wondering what would happen if T1 or RNG had another chance to reach the finals and Riot Games seem to have heard the community's conundrum. Riot's head of esports spoke with Dotesports recently and confirmed they are entertaining the idea of double elimination brackets currently but he didn't specifically say that the company is supporting the change.

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We will definitely know more in the coming months, but we will be treated to the final BO5 between Chinese and Korean giants, EDG and DK.

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