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RIDE 4 races to PS5 with next-gen enhancements

Published: 20:37, 04 September 2020
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RIDE 4 gets Next-Gen treatment on PS5 (SSD, Ray-tracing)

Earlier today, a Milano-based developer, Milestone, shared their excitement about their racer RIDE 4 getting ray-tracing treatment on PlayStation 5, on January 21.

The release of PlayStation 5 is on the brink of happening. Well, we hope. If we just get the price-reveal happening soon, at least. The next-gen launch period is exciting for both gamers and developers. They are only scratching the surface with all the possibilities on the new system, and we are patiently (yeah, right) waiting to see what are they cooking for us.

Milano-based developer, Milestone, released a blog along with a fresh PS5 trailer for RIDE 4, with info about its release on the next-generation PlayStation system. Whenever we see "PS5", "Next-gen" words popping out, it's bound to see "Ray-tracing" in there somewhere, waiting to be mentioned. It's good PR, as we gamers are simple creatures. We see Ray-tracing, we click like.

Perhaps it's not the most popular or most wanted game out there, at least for us, but Ride 4 getting ray-tracing treatment means that only good things are coming with the next-gen consoles, as it should be. The graphics look super crispy in the said trailer, and the developer stated they're going to deliver 4K60fps experience to all motorbike fans out there. As they say, players will be able to enjoy their beloved bikes with the highest quality for shaders and textures, with a never before seen level of detail for both bikes and environments. 

Milestone motorbike wheels racer racing bike ride4 Ride 4 races on Next-gen January 21

The super-fast Sony's SSD (props to Mike Cerny, the evil genius) is going to play a big factor here, according to the blog: "loading times will be significantly reduced. That means less waiting time before races, but also a better gameplay experience during them. That’s because the SSD will enable faster streaming of textures, allowing us to better immerse players in our environments while they roar around tracks at 300 km/h." 

This brings smiles to our faces because many games alike will benefit from those blazing speeds of the Sony State Drive. Imagine Wipeout-like game on PS5. No loading time, no time to blink. 

Good times ahead, indeed.

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