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Review Roundup: Metro Exodus is a proper trilogy finale

Published: 16:55, 13 February 2019
4A Games
A man staring across postapocalyptic wastelands in Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Deep Silver's Metro Exodus is getting serious love from various gaming websites and critics. Apparently, the trilogy finale is one of the best shooters in the last few years that offers an incredible journey through post-apocalyptic Russia.

Metro Exodus review embargo has ended and we're getting a blizzard of impressions and thoughts from various websites and gaming critics. According to the vast majority, Metro Exodus is a brilliant sequel and a proper trilogy conclusion that both the franchise and its players deserve.

Critics were unanimously impressed by one thing in particular - Metro Exodus' multi-region world which stands out as a fantastic creation, making the journey through post-apocalyptic Russia a memorable one.

According to Guardian's Rick Lane, sometimes you can "almost feel the chill" of nuclear winter as you "explore abandoned train yards and navigate a creaking rowboat through a half-submerged village". Lane also mentions how Metro Exodus keeps a strong narrative while putting more emphasis on character development.

GameInformer's review praises the game's world and the variety of environments and seasons which "keep the game feeling fresh throughout the roughly 25-hour campaign". Just like Lane from Guardian, GameInformer also loved strong character development but disliked "wooden" voice acting. Ultimately, they gave Metro an 8.75 out of 10.

Tristan Ogilvie from IGN thinks that Metro Exodus "brings its survival horror to the surface without sacrificing any of the series' signature tension". He was impressed by Metro Exodus' "incredibly detailed environments" while the gunplay feels "nice and crunchy". Tristan gave Metro Exodus an 8.5 out of 10.

4A Games picture showing combat in metro exodus Metro Exodus

Eurogamer's Edwin Evans-Thirwell says that Metro Exodus knows how to "resist empty bloodshed and kindle closeness, finding the warmth in the wasteland". He mentions just how many choices you have when it comes to combat.

He found that scouting the enemy camps during daylight and attacking once the sun goes down is the most fun and rewarding way. Evans-Thirwell gave Metro Exodus' a "Recommended" seal.

PC Gamer's score is a bit lower due to "uninspiring FPS combat". While the guns "feel great" and furiously paced combat "can be thrilling", the constant shooting of hordes of mutants and bandits "wears off" quickly which left PC Gamer's Andy Kelly "yearning for more depth". Metro Exodus got a 78 out of 100 from Kelly.

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Metro Exodus

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