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Returnal's latest patch is wiping saves and causing even more crashes

Published: 09:58, 06 May 2021
screenshot showing returnal error
Returnal's new patch has been pulled

Housemarque have pulled Returnal's Patch 1.3.3 and reverted back to 1.3.1 until the issues with lost saves and frequent errors that make the game unplayable are fixed.

Yesterday, Housemarque have dropped a brand new patch for their PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, bringing multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs and several other improvements. 

Unfortunately, Patch 1.3.3 also brought some game-breaking issues and therefore the developers had to pull it and revert back to the last stable release - Patch 1.3.1. 

"Patch 1.3.3 has been pulled and we are reverting back to 1.3.1 until it's fixed. We are fixing the issue now and a new patch will be published in a few hours. All users affected by the 1.3.3 need to re-download the game," Housemarque tweeted.

Players who are affected by the issue will get the CE-100028-1 error popup. Housemarque ask for patience until the next patch is released if you're unsure whether the latest update affected your game. 

Also, they warn players not to start the game before the upcoming patch. "So to be safe, don't start the game before the upcoming patch is available and downloaded."

At the time of writing, the patch is yet to be released but we expect it to drop anytime now since Housemarque said last night it will only take them a few hours to implement the necessary fixes. 

Returnal is available exclusively on PlayStation 5. For more about the game, check out our early impressions. 

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