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Returnal's new gameplay trailer showcases enemy types

Published: 14:48, 14 April 2021
Returnal screenshot showing combat

Returnal has a new trailer that showcases a couple of enemies - Mycomorph, Titanops, Automaton and more - that players will have to fight on their space exploration adventure.

Housemarque'ssci-fi action-adventure title Returnal is just around the corner now and recently, the devs have been sharing more details about the game as well as some action-packed gameplay. Today, we have another brand new gameplay video, which focuses on some of the enemy types that you'll have to fight on your adventure.

The first enemy that we get to see in the trailer is named Mycomorph, a large fungus-like entity that can launch its own spores which slows down player movement when hit. Judging by the gameplay, it can be a pretty tough foe.

Additionally, the trailer also showcases Titanops, a fast enemy type that can lunge and jump to get into the range and then use its bladed limb for a devastating attack.

Automaton is a robot-like enemy type with rapidly firing guns and special claws that allow it to grab and lash at the target. This one is our favourite. Looks pretty cool.

 Furthermore, there's a giant bug-like creature named Gorgolith, a mysterious Ixion that looks like some sort of a fallen angel and Infected Scout. Check them all out in the trailer above.

Returnal is officially launching on April 30, 2021, exclusively for Sony's new console PlayStation 5. 

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