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Returnal players have found a way to turn suspend feature into a full save

Published: 09:11, 02 November 2021
RETURNAL written in yellow font, below the game's main protagonist in a space suite - Selene.
Returnal (PS5 exclusive)

Returnal's brand new suspend feature can be turned into a full save thanks to an exploit that players have discovered recently.

Returnal is certainly one of the hardest games that released this year thanks to many different gameplay mechanics but also a lack of save feature that would allow players to save their long and exhausting runs.

In the most recent update for the game, the developer Housemarque have introduced a suspend feature that finally allows players to pause the cycle and resume the run later on, which is certainly a welcomed addition.

It's not a save feature since players can only use it to continue their run from the moment they've suspended the game but it's the next best thing for games like Returnal. 

And while the suspend feature works as intended, it seems that players have found an exploit that allows them to save the game and continue from that point even when they die during the cycle. Here's how it works:

We have not tested this ourselves but by the looks of it, it's a working exploit that can help you overcome the game's hardest levels. If the exploit blows up, a quick hotfix from Housemarque is expected but until then, you can certainly try it. 

For players who struggled with the game's difficult mechanics, this is the closest thing to an easy mode. 

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