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Respawn teasing work-in-progress Apex Legends characters

Published: 12:25, 05 August 2019
Tina Sanchez, Twitter
Apex Legends developers in mocap department
Apex Legends team

Having delivered Season 2 and successfully rinsed the sour taste of Apex Legends' maiden season, Respawn and EA have given many reasons to be excited for the future. And what better way than with a new character, which is in the works.

Well, it's either a new legend coming our way or Respawn's producer Tina Sanchez really likes hanging out in the mocap department with a stick, which we're confident still deals more damage than Mozambique. 

Jokes aside, we still love that ridiculous gun, and judging by the looks of it, Apex Legends is getting a character that wields a stick, or more likely a sword. 

It didn't take long for Apex Legends fans to enquire whether we're getting Crypto, to which Sanchez replied with a mouthless emoji, i.e. the official confirmation will have to wait.

This is where things get a bit complicated, as the photos show two persons clad in mocap equipment, which is actually in line with the earlier leaks.

Some Apex Legends fans suggested that the session was, in fact, about two characters, and this would indeed make sense.

It has been proposed that the fellow in the back is actually mocapping Crypto, whereas Sanchez simply took his sword. In all likelihood, her mocap work was about Rosie.

As the story goes, Wattson, Apex Legends' last added character, has been an apprentice to Rosie in Kings Canyon while growing up.

As for Crypto, data miners have found proof of his sword tucked away in Apex Legends files as "DEATH_SWORD".

In a recent earnings call, EA and Respawn said that around players interact with the game weekly and that their plan is to extend support for Apex Legends to 10 years. Basically, just like Anthem, if you added a game to it.

EA Apex Legends' new character, Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

We should know more soon enough, as Respawn are gearing up to hold the Apex Legends in September, and we're fairly confident we'll get some more info then.

You can find Sanchez's tweet on her .

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