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Respawn shed more light on Apex Legends' The Old Ways event

Published: 18:21, 06 April 2020
Apex Legends map, Capitol City
Apex Legends, the new and divided Capitol City

Technically, we're less than a day away from the official launch of Apex Legends' new event The Old Ways, which prompted Respawn to launch a short trailer and shed more light on how the whole Prowler thing works.

Even though the dev made it clear that The Old Ways will be about smashing Prowlers, the beasts that crossed over from the Titanfall franchise, there are still a few loose ends the event's launch is expected to tie up.

"Earn the favor of the Allfather in the Old Ways Event April 7-21. Prove yourself against a hoard of prowlers in Bloodhound’s Trials. Master daily challenges to earn exclusive items. And squad up on Kings Canyon or Duos, which have returned for good", they tweeted today. 

Some eagle-eyed Apex Legends players noticed the platform that appears in the trailer, which could easily mean that there are difficulty tiers here or something. 

Back when Respawn added high-resolution models of Prowlers to Apex Legends' files, prominent Apex Legends data miner going by the Twitter name iLootGames mentioned that they come in few different colour schemes. 

We'll see soon enough whether this has to do with difficulty, but it's pretty clear their stripes will dictate something about Prowlers' debut in Apex Legends. The anticipation is killing us, almost as well as other players, wink wink. 

Apex Legends' new event kicks off tomorrow, and with Bloodhound being the hero of the day, it was pretty interesting to hear the take of Apex Legends' writer Manny Hagopian, who said, "Confession: Now that everyone knows who Artur is. While creating the backstory for Bloodhound, I was asked what their bird’s name was - I said: 'Artur'. This is in reference to the name George Harrison calls his hair in one of my favorite movies A Hard Day's Night."

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