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First update for Apex Legends fixes some minor issues

Published: 13:29, 09 February 2019
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Respawn Entertainment have released the first minor update for their battle royale Apex Legends. The update addresses a number of stability issues and the developers are also working on party leader message issue that appears in-game.

Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends has gained some traction since its release five days ago with more than jumping into the battle royale arena. The overall impression from the critics and gamers is that Apex Legends could be the genre's gamechanger.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Apex Legends is without its flaws. Although pretty stable and optimised, the game also has a few issues and some of them have been addressed in the first update.

The developers pushed a couple of small server-side patches that addressed a number of stability issues. Some minor outages have also been addressed according to the patch notes. 

Additionally, some minor bugs which didn't affect the overall gameplay experience have been fixed. These include the issues where Origin was showing all your friends as offline and where you couldn’t purchase coins in-game on Xbox.

Those who played the game probably noticed a "Party Leader quit" message that pops up randomly on the screen. According to the developers, the message is displaying when it shouldn't and they are currently working to address it.

The patch notes also explain crashes which occur on AMD Phenom CPUs. At the moment, Apex Legends isn't optimised to run on PC’s using AMD Phenom or older processors. For minimum required hardware you can check the .

A small change has been made to Apex's detection of hardware that is below the minimum requirements, the game client will now display the message if the CPU is not supported.

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And that would be everything included in the first Apex Legends update, the developers also said that their main focus right now is stability and quality of life but in the near future, they are planning to talk more about the potential updates to the meta.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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