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Respawn officially announce Apex Legends' Havoc energy rifle

Published: 17:11, 20 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends - Pathfinder

Apex Legends is in the gaming world's spotlight now and it's hard for Respawn to even release a patch without revealing too much. Such was the case with the energy rifle Havoc that was data mined earlier, but now officially announced.

Havoc has been almost a week before the official announcement, and while Respawn Entertainment's official announcement didn't explicitly confirm the rifle's name, they did make a pun hinting at it. The tweet in question stated players should get ready "to cry havoc" as the new gun approaches King's Canyon.

For those unaware of the leak - Havoc will use energy ammo and will be a fast firing automatic rifle. The official offered a glimpse of gameplay with it for the first time though, showing the breakneck action, along with its additional functionality.

Namely, once you put all three modifications on Havoc, the weapon will have a new fire mode - charged shot. As reported by the video on the above-linked leak, the charged shot will do 90 damage per hit and will use five ammo each time.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to obtain visual or sound files for the rifle so we were unable to figure out what it would look or sound like, but the announcement tweet provided both. According to the announcement, Havoc will go live on 21 February 2019, which will mark the addition of the first new weapon in Apex Legends. 

This is just two and a half weeks after Apex Legends' release, which looks promising as Respawn Entertainment will aim to keep momentum with the game's fantastic start. To top it off, the leak mentioned another weapon that will be added in the future, an SMG that resembles the L-Star from Titanfall series.

EA A robotic respawn device from Apex Legends Apex Legends

The L-Star has unique mechanics as it doesn't use ammo and works on a heat-based system instead. It is currently unknown when this weapon might come to Apex Legends but it is certainly in the works. More content is great, but many fans are still waiting for an answer to their issues regarding Apex Legends crashing all over the place.

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