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Respawn and Apex Legends community catch and ban a cheater

Published: 18:28, 08 April 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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It seems that everyone has an Apex Legends cheater story to share but it isn't that often that we hear about a semi-coordinated effort between the devs and community to catch one. Needless to say, everyone walked away with a smile.

Well, not exactly everyone, as the user in question was particularly bitter over Respawn's anti-cheat team repeatedly finding and banning his accounts, in spite of his best attempts to hide Apex Legends player data on-screen.

The user kept taunting the company on Twitch and Reddit, returning under different names but after alerting Respawn's community manager Jayfresh of the latest taunt, Reddit was treated to one quite satisfying response by the latter.

Jayfresh first clarified that the guy doing the taunting got his latest account banned five minutes earlier, while calling for Respawn's devs to fix their game.

Unfortunately for the poor cheater, Respawn's attention came in full force as they seem to have figured his methods out. "He just got two more accounts, lets see how long this lasts. Doubt he makes it past one game without being banned", Jayfresh added.

He returned but was eventually banned on his main Apex Legends account too. Which he described as uncalled for, because he didn't cheat at that time.

He also added, "I don't create hacks, I just sell them". We're not sure whether this was supposed to make us all feel better about people like him ruining everyone's fun, but there it is. 

Somewhere around 400 streamers have been watching his stream in the moment when he was banned, and Respawn's associate producer Josh Medina thanked the community for alerting the team to this.

He mentioned that he spent 45 minutes hunting the fellow down, but once a fan thanked him, Medina said, "Nah, this was thanks to you guys bringing these type of folks to the spotlight helps us clean up the game faster".

Respawn Apex Legends artwork of Caustic character executing a person in a lab coat with gas Apex Legends - Caustic

We're not sure whether this is mean, but knowing that this person spent $27 for the cheat, only to have his paid Battle Pass account banned too, is strangely satisfying. Knowing that he's not coming back - doubly so.

You can find Jayfresh's response .

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