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Respawn admit Apex Legends battle pass design is bad, announce changes

Published: 22:05, 07 November 2020
Revenant in Apex Legends Season 4.
Serve me the wrong drink again. I dare you.

Apex Legends is generally spoken of in a positive manner but the latest battle pass changed that narrative. Respawn subsequently chimed in and noted it would be altered.

Apex Legends is a free to play game but you can still see some aggressive monetisation popping its ugly head from time to time. This was the case with the latest battle pass which the players found to be extremely egregious since this is paid content that also required obscene amounts of farming and even then it wouldn't be guaranteed you would unlock its content.

The only logical conclusion here was that it was designed to discourage players from trying to get all the battle pass rewards through gameplay and encourage purchasing ranks. If you are not convinced the design was bad, you might want to check out what it took to reach level two on it .

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment noticed the players' dissatisfaction and instead of trying to belittle the player base during a controversy like some other EA studios did, they decided it would actually be a good idea to listen to the feedback.

Not long after, the official Apex Legends Twitter account posted an update, noting that the progression would be made easier through several steps. First, experience required per star would be halved, from 10,000 to 5,000 experience.

The other change would not be as immediate since it pertained to the weekly challenges. Starting next week, they will take less time to complete. It remains to be seen whether these two changes will be enough to make the battle pass worth the investment and if players will still need to buy ranks with premium currency.

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