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Respawn are adding jump pads across Apex Legends map

Published: 07:48, 18 March 2019
Latest feature added to Apex Legends map - jump pads
Apex Legends, jump pads

Respawn have a surprise for Apex Legends players and we've no doubt it'll prove a godsend in those situations when you're not exactly the first to land in a spot, and you need to hightail it as quickly as possible. Say hi to jump pads.

So far, we've only encountered Apex Legends jump pads in the Marketplace, which is a pretty popular landing spot, hence Respawn's decision to add jump pads.

Dropping in first is all well and good but we all know that doesn't really happen often. You're more likely to be accompanied by another Apex Legends squad and depending on how early you realise that, running away and getting loot elsewhere can be the smartest option.

Unfortunately for those late arrivals, many Apex Legends players score easy kills exactly like this. You can't blame them either, as quickly picking up some prime loot and hunting for unarmed strays is a viable tactic.

Thankfully though, Respawn seem to be aware of this as Apex Legends players recently saw jump pads added around the Marketplace, which does seem like one of those spots where a bunch of players end up running around like headless chickens. 

Some realise they've got company early, so they bail early but not everyone is as lucky, and players are often forced to make a split second decision while standing on the roof, listening to gunshots from below.

Now, jump pads are definitely not almighty and they won't propel you across half the map or anything. However, they may often mean escaping certain death and even if you're not planning on visiting the surrounding looting points - the boost is definitely welcome.

Not to mention the strange type of comfort in knowing you get a second chance, right after you've mucked up the landing.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of the Legends from Apex Legends Apex Legends

We're not sure whether Respawn will be adding jump pads in more locations but it's safe to assume that any that fit the Marketplace's description will see a few jump pads sprout up.

Apex Legends players are also anxious to learn about the exact date when Battle Pass will be landing and while Vince Zampella confirmed via Twitter that they've got an estimated date when it launches, he's yet to share it with us.

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