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Resident Evil Village Maiden demo will be coming to PC and Xbox, here's when

Published: 11:55, 22 January 2021
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Resident Evil Village screenshot showing snowy village
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village demo named Maiden is available right now on PlayStation 5 but it is also coming to other platforms, only not as soon as you may think. Capcom confirmed the multi-platform demo will release sometime this Spring.

Last night, Capcom finally revealed some proper gameplay from their upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). The gameplay introduced us to the huge castle on top of the mountain that Capcom only teased in previous trailers. On top of this, the publisher showcased some gunplay and confirmed that PlayStation 5 owners can try the demo version of Village, starting today.

The demo named Maiden is now live on Sony's new console but if you are a PC or Xbox gamer, you won't get to experience it, at least not yet. Capcom revealed that the Maiden demo is exclusive to PlayStation 5 for the time being, but it should also arrive to PC and Xbox platforms at a later date.

At the moment, we do not know the exact release date of the demo on these platforms, Capcom only said it is coming sometime this Spring, so it's safe to say that April 2021 would be the most realistic release window.

Capcom Resident Evil Village setting Resident Evil Village, the Village

Resident Evil Village is officially hitting the shelves on May 7, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. For more info about the multiplayer and the new trailers, check out our  earlier piece.

Resident Evil Village, Capcom's next Resident Evil tale

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