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Report: Sega are working on big budget reboots of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi franchises

Published: 15:07, 19 April 2022
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As part of their Super Game initiative, SEGA are developing new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games, the report claims. 

SEGA have finally decided to bring back their dormant franchises to life. The two names that are reportedly getting big-budget reboots are Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi. Both are currently in development according to Bloomberg.

SEGA's goal with these reboots is to reach the highs of global hits like Fortnite, which will definitely be a tough task but if done right, both Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games certainly have potential in today's games market. 

Sega Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi

The report reveals that these would be the first two games from Sega's Super Game Initiative, which was announced recently, aiming to develop steady revenue sources and build big online communities with games from their portfolio. That's why Fortnite is the role model that Sega have been looking at. 

Crazy Taxi seems to be on schedule to release first, having been in development for over a year. It's planned to launch within two to three years.

To achieve these goals, Sega partnered up with Microsoft for the Super Game initiative. Sega development teams will be using Microsoft's tech such as the Azure cloud platform, which could potentially result in these games launching on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service. 

Sega are yet to officially announce the development of new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi but given the reliability of the original source, it's probably only a matter of time before we get proper reveals. 

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