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Sega and Microsoft announce strategic partnership, here's what it means

Published: 07:58, 01 November 2021
Updated: 14:24, 01 November 2021
SEGA and Microsoft have announced their new partnership
SEGA and Microsoft have announced their new partnership

SEGA and Microsoft have officially announced a new partnership that will see SEGA use Microsoft's Azure technology as their primary cloud tech for future game development. Sega and Microsoft announce partnership, here what it means

Rumours about Microsoft acquiring SEGA have been floating over the gaming forums and social media for quite a while now and today, we finally have some news that includes both Microsoft and the Japanese developer, though, it seems that the acquisition won't be coming anytime soon. 

SEGA and Microsoft have agreed on a new partnership or a "strategic alliance" as they call it in the official announcement. SEGA say that the partnership allows them to develop huge next-gen games with Microsoft's Azure cloud technology. 

"The alliance would form a key part of SEGA’s mid to long-term strategy, allowing the business to move forward with 'Super Game', a new initiative for developing new and innovative titles where the key focuses are 'Global', 'Online', 'Community' and 'IP utilization'," it's written in the official announcement.

Microsoft's Sarah Bond commented that Microsoft are delighted with the partnership and are excited to share more details in the future. "It’s been a delight to lead our partnership with SEGA and I’m thrilled to take it to the next level, creating novel gaming experiences using the power of Azure. Can’t wait to share more in future."  

Atlus picture showing city and people Persona 5: The Royale on Xbox?

So what exactly does this mean for Xbox fans? Well, if you're hoping that SEGA are bringing some of their beloved titles like Persona 5 to Xbox, the chances of that happening have now probably increased. As for the future games, certainly expect a lot more SEGA games on Xbox Game Pass and perhaps even some console exclusive games for Xbox Series X|S.

Whether this partnership leads to something bigger, like an actual acquisition, it remains to be seen, though, it certainly looks like a good starting point.

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