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REKKR conversion mod for DOOM is out now

Published: 00:52, 23 September 2020

DOOM keeps getting odd goodies and this time it's a full conversion mod that will turn the game into a Skyrim-like experience in all the pixelated glory.

WADs and MegaWADs are what many would normally just call mods in different circumstances but given DOOM's long history that is has been followed by the faithful companions that are WADs, it is fair to give them a shoutout with the intended abbreviation.

On top of that, the WAD that is a topic of this article is referenced as such by its creator Revae. It will turn DOOM into a Nordic-themed medieval title where you will not use the likes of shotguns and BFG but rather bows and arrows. 

If the description didn't give it away, this mod is a total conversion of the game. While we mentioned only bows and arrows, there are more different weapons, some of which you can preview in the trailer below. On top of that, players can enjoy 25 new maps where demons from the underworld need extermination. 

REKKR also features a custom soundtrack by Tom Jensen as well as sounds effects by TerminusEst13. There is an entire team of people who worked on various parts of the WAD, all of whom you can check out on the mod's official wiki page .

REKKR is playable on both DOOM and OOM II re-releases.

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