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G2 Esports officially announces Rekkles, Fnatic to replace him with Upset

Published: 04:48, 21 November 2020
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless

Rumours about Rekkles signing with G2 Esports are no longer rumours and Fnatic are apparently close to announcing Upset as their next marksman.

G2 Esports officially revealed that they signed Rekkles, even though this deal was known through the leaks and rumours beforehand. It is now official and G2 have an extremely stacked team taking on the next season of LEC.

Many fans of the competition can't see any European teams standing up to them now that everyone plays in their preferred roles and with each player being a proven top-notch athlete, able to carry a game if other roles fall behind.

As for Fnatic, they are going to have a hard time replacing Rekkles, not only because he was the face of the team for so many years but also because they will be getting two new players. This change will probably take them longer to integrate than it will take G2 and Rekkles to start clicking.

EsportsManiacos, who correctly leaked Rekkles would join G2 before the official announcement, are now stating that Upset is Fnatic's preferred option to fill the marksman role. 

The reason for this is because he is a "more versatile and safe option than anything else that is free on the market". With that in mind, it's safe to say that Fnatic will not be buying out any players who are still on contract in any team, meaning the fan-favourite wish, Patrik, will likely not join the black and orange team.

It's highly likely that FNC are avoiding buyouts and the other player joining the team is rumoured to be Nisqy, replacing Nemesis in the mid lane.

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