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Redfall and Starfield delayed into 2023

Published: 18:01, 12 May 2022
Starfield artwork showcasing spaceship at sunset

Bethesda announced that two of their upcoming games have been delayed by roughly half a year, at the very least.

Bethesda was hyping up the release of Starfield on November 11, 2022, which would mean it came out exactly 11 years after Skyrim, which was released on 11/11/(20)11. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be and Bethesda had to give up the dream by delaying Starfield, alongside Redfall , to the first half of 2023.

The news came through the company's official Twitter account, stating that both Arkane Austin and Bethesda Game Studios have high ambitions for the titles, meaning they need more time to polish them and release in a good state.

On the other hand, the post also mentioned that there will be a deep dive into the gameplay soon, which should be quite the treat for anyone anticipating either of these games.

If you're not acquainted with Redfall, you would be forgiven, due to Starfield hogging all the spotlight and worldwide attention but in short, it's a first-person shooter where a colourful cast of characters will go up against a bunch of vampires. From the info available up until this point, it sounds a lot like Left 4 Dead with vampires, as you can see in the trailer below.

Starfield sounds a lot like Skyrim in space but with nigh-infinite possibilities come greater development problems so the delay was more or less inevitable.

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