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Red Dead Redemption 2's second gameplay trailer is here

Published: 13:19, 01 October 2018
Rockstar Games
A cowboy fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar have announced that the second gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 would be shown on 01 October 2018 at 09:00 AM ET / 15:00 CEST, and it was. The trailer quietly slipped into YouTube, with no Twitch stream beforehand.

Red Dead Redemption 2's second gameplay trailer met and likely exceeded expectations as it not only showed combat system, but also heists, activities, immersive dialogue, customisation and the deadeye system.

The trailer starts on a slow note, but picks up the pace as the picture swaps into a bank heist initiated by Morgan and his gang. At first it looks reminiscent of the system previously seen in GTA 5, but it has its own, western, flavour. Banks are not the only thing Morgan can rob, as trains and ordinary shops are also potential victims.

Opportunities for ill-begotten gains don't stop there as Morgan can apparently become a loan shark as well, with him being his own enforcer. 

Another nod to previous Rockstar titles is the fact that Morgan can pick up prostitutes and ride off in a horse cart. Other pastime activities include saloons that bring about gambling via poker or domino games along with them. All of this seems to be mixed into an immersive experience as Morgan's choices expand to what he eats, wears, whether he shaves and bathes.

Choice dilemmas don't stop there as apparently things as simple as handing spare change to beggars can alter the course of the game. On the other end of the spectrum, extreme decisions also influence the world, which is shown when a child and a widow recognise Morgan.

Rockstar RDR2 screenshot of cowboys walking a way from a church that isn't exploding Red Dead Redemption 2 - The gang

Deadeye system was initially teased in the first gameplay trailer, and will likely be a very much needed feature due to Red Dead Redemption 2 being a console exclusive. The system is shown in two ways.

Morgan can either simply slow time down with it and aim where he needs to or tag several targets during the bullet time, after which he will automatically shoot those spots with no aiming required. Another feature in the new deadeye system is the fact it will show vitals and other critical areas that Morgan can exploit by shooting them. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gameplay footage reveal gallery

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games have released the first gameplay video of Red Dead Redemption 2 that featured a narrator explaining the differences between the first game and the highly anticipated sequel. You can see the entire gameplay video here.

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