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Rockstar release first Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay video

Published: 15:38, 09 August 2018
Updated: 18:50, 09 August 2018
RDR2 characters shooting men in the back in a swamp somewhere
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Swampy execution

Rockstar Games have released the first gameplay video of Red Dead Redemption 2 outlining new systems and mechanics for Rockstar's next flagship title. RDR2 looks like a major step up for the series in terms of visuals complexity of play.

Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay video started off on an explosive note, quite literally, as it showed Morgan getting sprung out of jail by his outlaw buddies. Narration starts off soon after, and keeps putting a lot of emphasis on the fact that the Wild West as we know it from the media was coming to an end in late 1800s.

The video keeps switching over between small bursts of action, dialogue and features. Action seems to be massively improved in Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to accommodate modern standards and sensibilities, with apparently "radically improved fighting and shooting" mechanics.

Some of firefights have been shown and while the narrator claims the guns have realistic reload and recoil, recoil feedback wasn't exactly seen on the trailer. Perhaps it will be different when actually playing the game, but then again, it's a console exclusive as far as we know, so they will probably not go overboard with it, due to a lack of mouse aiming precision.

One new combat feature is the Deadeye system that will be shown off in the next gameplay video, which Rockstar claim to be "an evolution in sharpshooting", but it really just looks like bullet time version of VATS system from Fallout series. Hover over targets in slow motion, tag soon to be dead desperados, release the trigger and watch some bodies hit the floor.

An actually new feature will be Morgan's relationship with his horse. No, you don't get to marry it. Apparently, Morgan will be able to develop a bond with his horse, which will help him out of tight spots or make them tighter, depending how loyal the animal is to him.

Rockstar RDR2 screenshot of sherif yelling at player character for being at the wrong place in the wrong time Red Dead Redemption 2 - Interrogation that may soon become a shootout

The outlaw base which will apparently serve as your base of operations will also be mobile to a certain degree, and your band of outlaws will be able to resettle nomad style if things get too hot in any given area.

While there wasn't any direct talk about endings, it's possible there may be multiple as Morgan will come across many choices that will have consequences during his exploits. Rockstar didn't state when the next gameplay video will happen, but chances are we will get to see something new during Gamescom or PAX West.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gameplay footage reveal gallery

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games have released the first gameplay video of Red Dead Redemption 2 that featured a narrator explaining the differences between the first game and the highly anticipated sequel. You can see the entire gameplay video here.

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