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Red Dead Online will get homestead robberies in the future

Published: 11:30, 09 June 2021
Red Dead Online screenshot showing a female character
Red Dead Online

Rockstar updated Red Dead Online with another weekly discount and bonus bunch but also announced something new the players can look forward to over the summer.

One of the main issues Red Dead Online has are the upfront costs of Roles, which are then used to make money. In other words, you have to pay to grind. While this is true in GTA Online, which is much more successful than RDO, getting in on the most lucrative criminal work in Los Santos does not try to push players into microtransactions as much as RDO does.

Gold Bars are the premium currency that is separated from the regular one that is awarded in most activities while the bars are drip-fed and optimised farming is through some of the most repetitive and dull tasks.

Well, it appears that at least some of this will be mitigated with the summer update in RDO when the homestead robberies get introduced. One of the main selling points is that robbing homes will not have an upfront cost - you will be able to do it in Free Roam in all five states.

The post on Rockstar's site simply states that this activity will "open up new avenues for personal enrichment" but it remains to be seen just how profitable this will be and whether it will be worth spending time on.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter Bounty hunting is decent when it comes to gold farming but gets repetitive quickly

On top of that, the company announced a new membership rewards club which should hopefully provide some excitement in otherwise lacklustre version of battle pass system that RDO has.

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