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Red Dead Online reveals Blood Money, loosely connected with singleplayer

Published: 21:28, 07 July 2021
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online - Blood Money
Red Dead Online - Blood Money

Rockstar announced a bunch of new content for Red Dead Online, seemingly along the lines of heists in GTAO but also in touch with the singleplayer story of RDR2.

Red Dead Online players have been clamouring for a long time to get more content and July 13, 2021, will bring just about everything we hoped for - on paper at least.

When Blood Money launches, we will be able to embark on new story missions. While we will not be dealing with Jessica LeClerk's woes this time around, we will visit the mobster branch that we made acquaintance with during the story of RDR2. Without spoiling too much, we will be dealing with the main man's right-hand man in RDO.

This shady fellow goes by the name Guido Martelli and he will be sending us to retrieve various valuables, from the Capitale that will be in the focus of Blood Money to different gemstones that will also prove lucrative. One of the best parts of these new additions is that both the chase after Capitale and subsequent Opportunities will not require any upfront costs. In other words, there are no licenses that cost 15 Gold Bars and such.

Considering the description of these Opportunities, such as mentioning that they can be done in various approaches as well as having multiple stages in some cases, one has to draw comparisons to the Heists from GTAO. These activities are easily what makes most of the interesting and lucrative content in GTAO and they are sorely missed in RDO. Let's hope Blood Money delivers on this front as it could breathe new life into the game.

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