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Red Dead Online nerfs Gold rewards heavily as Prestigious Bounty Hunter update kicks in

Published: 16:42, 01 December 2020
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunters
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunters

Rockstar Games released the new update for Red Dead Online which lets players pick up the new Outlaw Pass and Legendary Bounty but cripples their Gold farming efforts.

Bounty Hunters are the best role for farming Gold in Red Dead Online and they are able to double their rewards until December 7, 2020, but Rockstar absolutely crippled the Gold gains for the players. 

First, the game was updated to reset the challenge streak after 28 days, upon which the players will start from scratch, instead of enjoying the bonuses like before. However, that is not even the biggest nerf - Gold rewards from challenges have been cut by half across the board, meaning you will need a 15-day streak in order to get the same amount of Gold from challenges as before the change.

There is also the new Legendary Bounty, Beau Finley, but the players will need to purchase the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License beforehand. Yes, even if you already had a Bounty Hunter license, you will need to dish out 15 Gold to get the "Prestigious" one. 

Furthermore, the new Outlaw Pass will award a total of 30 Gold Bars while costing 40. It remains to be seen whether the players will keep protesting the nerfs or let Rockstar swipe the complaints under the rug.

You can check out the discounts for this week and the Bounty Hunter-themed bonuses on the official website. If you have Prime Gaming subscription and are looking to start RDO, make sure you link the accounts to receive the first Bounty Hunter license for free on top of the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery coupon.

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