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Red Dead Online: All Quick Draw Pass items leak ahead of release

Published: 13:16, 14 July 2021
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Pass rewards
Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Pass rewards

Rockstar Games added all the content from future Quick Draw passes to Red Dead Online on July 13, 2021, although they are buried in the game files. It didn't take data miners long to dig them up though.

Red Dead Online : Blood Money may have added new missions and the new currency, Capitale, to the game but the similarity of these activities to the regular contact missions left the players a bit underwhelmed. Similarly, the Quick Draw Pass didn't meet much success although it's kinda nice to be able to complete the entire reward track in a few hours instead of having to grind every day all day in order to have a hope of completing it.

That said, there will be more Quick Draw passes in the future just like Rockstar already announced. What they didn't announce is that the files are already in the game, following the Blood Money update. At least the images showcasing the rewards are.

Anyway, players already posted these to an external image gallery and it remains if Take-Two and Rockstar will manage to get Imgur to delete these files in near future. Until that happens, you can browse the rewards that will be obtainable, including the plethora of masks in the Halloween Pass.

There are a few weapon styles as well as new jackets, chaps and more to check out so feast your eyes for the time being.

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