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Red Dead Online adds Featured Free Aim Series, rewards Moonshiners

Published: 15:56, 08 January 2020
Rockstar Games
Two Red Dead Online characters in a casino
Red Dead Online

Rockstar are back from holidays with a bang, or more like a swig, as Red Dead Online will be having some goodies for Moonshiners and other bootlegging pretenders, as the dev likes to call them, along with the Featured Free Aim Series.

Red Dead Online's Featured Free Aim Series will let players test their worth with all the Capture modes, which includes Hostile Territory, Overrun, Plunder, Spoils of War and Up in Smoke. 

"Whether you're territorial by nature or a daredevil looking to deliver goods deep into the heart of enemy turf, it's time to mount up and show what you've got", they wrote. 

As for Moonshiners, we're not sure whether Rockstar is reacting to the popularity, or lack thereof, of the specialist role, but those who reach Moonshiner Rank 3 before 13 January 2020 are getting an exclusive colourway of Kelley Boots. If you're one of them, you'll find it in the Benefits section. 

Moonshiners get 500 XP for flavouring any batch of moonshine, "which can fetch a higher price when selling to buyers in the market for your recipe." Any batch of medium-strength moonshine you flog this week earns you a 30 per cent discount on any Norfold Roadster Horse, and all the Moonshiner Shack Properties and Property Relocationsn are 25 per cent off. 

Red Dead Online dev is also propping up Traders, who can shave 40 per cent off of Novice and Promising Trader Role Items, like the Stew Pot and Medium Delivery Wagon. 

Rockstar Games Norfolk Roadster Horse from Red Dead Online Red Dead Online, Norfolk Roadster Horse

As for the new Red Dead Online cosmetics, courtesy of The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue, the permanent ones are Rivera Hooded Tunic, McCrum Pants, the Palma and Baldock Hats, Kelley Boots and Pico Sandals. The limited-time items in the offer are the Boutell Hat and Leavitt Jacket. 

You can find the announcement on the official .

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