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Rare shed more light on Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Spoils

Published: 19:28, 26 October 2018
Top-down view of a pirate swimming towards a ship in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

Rare have decided to shed a bit more light on the next expansion to their swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves called Shrouded Spoils, which includes expanded ship customisation options, unique commendation for pirate legends and the fog.

Oh yeah, once Shrouded Spoils has landed sometime in November, Sea of Thieves will be going the way of John Carpenter's horror classic, sans the murderous spirits. Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate said that the fog can roll in at any time and there's more to it than it looks.

The fact that the fog obstructs view makes the Crow's Nest an important landmark, as you'll be able to see over the fog. Rare wanted to make sure that being in the fog is as eerie as possible and the audio team apparently did a great job, adding extra creaks and whatnot. 

Shrouded Spoils will bring the highly anticipated and community-requested expanded ship customisation to Sea of Thieves, allowing for even greater pimping of your ride. Neate listed new wheel, cannon and the rest that were teased earlier.

Rare will be adding commendations for Sea of Thieves players that have achieved the status of pirate legends. Apparently, the dev heard that pirate legends are growing a bit restless and will make sure to take care of that.

In general, Neate called Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Spoils a collection of a bunch of stuffRare have pulled together, most of which was based on community feedback. He also pointed out that the nature of the update means it will require plenty of testing with the community.

Neate announced that Rare will be taking part in the XO18 fan event, where they'll be discussing Shrouded Spoils in greater detail. We'll also be hearing about the update that comes after that.

As you'd expect, Sea of Thieves will also be holding its Halloween-themed festivities with the Festival of the Damned, a limited time Bilge Rat Adventure. At the same time, this means that the Forsaken Sails campaign will be ending before that, just in case you were planning on taking your time.

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