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Maestro, the second defender from operation Para Bellum revealed

Published: 21:44, 16 May 2018
Image of Maestro with his turret from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Maestro

Maestro, the upcoming, fourth wall breaking Italian operator in Rainbow Six Siege has been officially revealed by Ubisoft. A short trailer video shows him playing with his Zippo, waiting and executing a kill order for his remote turret.

Ubisoft's official description offers more insight into Maestro's background, which isn't overly complicated like some others we could mention. As we correctly  two months ago, he will be a three armour, one speed anchor operator, with a remote turret that will specialise sealing off key areas.

It is hard to gauge just how good his gadget will be, whether it will be bulletproof and if tech-hating Thatcher will be a hard counter to Maestro. These answers will be answered during Pro League Finals livestream on 19 and 20 May 2018 when Ubisoft is set to deliver a full reveal of both operators.

According to Ubisoft, Maestro's personality is the polar opposite of his teammate Alibi's, as he has a "blunt style" that "allows him to see through smoke and mirrors, for which he has no patience". Meanwhile, Alibi thrives in such situations, which is probably why Ubisoft say Maestro "shines when joined by his long-time G.I.S. teammate Alibi".

Maestro's real name is Adriano Martello. He was born in Rome but attended the Military Academy of Modena. He joined Carabinieri, advanced to the 1st Paratrooper Regiment known as Tuscania and eventually qualified for G.I.S.

He then participated in a mission in Iraq where he got his facial scar, and finally went to being an instructor. His teachings were apparently top notch, which is probably the source of his handle - Maestro.

He eventually re-enlisted with the Tuscania, helping to upgrade one of their units to a Tier 2 Special Forces classification, which in turn enabled Maestro to join Rainbow as a representative of Italian units. As I said, not overly complicated, just your ordinary military record.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six operative Maestro is looking at the clouds while smoking a cigarette. Rainbow Six Siege Maestro

I previously referred to him as a "fourth wall breaking operator" which may have piqued some people's interests. You can see why and how he breaks the fourth wall .

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