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Rainbow Six Siege tease new season Operation Void Edge

Published: 17:55, 10 February 2020
rainbow six siege artwork showing Operation Void Edge
R6 Siege - Operation Void Edge

Ubisoft have released a short video over at Rainbow Six Siege Twitter, teasing the game's upcoming season, which will be officially named Operation Void Edge.

Rainbow Six Siege's next season is just around the corner and Ubisoft have started to tease the new content via their social media. In the latest video, the publisher have revealed the name of the next season - Operation Void Edge.

Unfortunately, that is everything that we know at the moment as the short video did not reveal any additional details except for some cool looking animation in the background. Check it out above.

Operation Void Edge will serve as an introduction to Rainbow Six Siege's' Year 5, which will according to numerous leaks bring the much-anticipated Tachanka rework and some other, pretty neat features. Players will be able to choose which maps they want to play and also to ban maps they dislike and a replay mode is another feature that has been heavily rumoured.

Tanchaka rework certainly does make a lot of sense since the Lord is one of the worst and least popular Operators in the game. Other, already mentioned features should also be welcomed by the community since players have been vocal about these for quite some time now.

Ubisoft are yet to officially reveal all the details about Year 5 but we expect to see it in the game sometime in March 2020, if the publisher follow the same release date pattern to the past few seasons.

You can read more about the rumoured Year 5 content and changes .

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