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Rainbow Six Siege Operator Clash deactivated again

Published: 10:21, 22 February 2020
Picture of Clash, a new operator in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Clash

Ubisoft have deactivated Rainbow Six Siege Operator Clash for the third time. The publisher confirmed they are aware of the exploit and therefore Clash will not be available for play until the issue has been resolved.

Rainbow Six Siege's Season 5 has introduced a ton of new changes and two new operators but just like every major update, some issues have started to surface shortly after the new season went live. This time, players found an exploit that allows them to use Clash's shield in an unusual way.

As you may know, Clash's shield is impenetrable from both ways but the exploit allows Clash's teammates to fire their weapons through the shield from their side and take down the enemies. This way, Clash's shield becomes the most powerful gadget in the game, making it almost impossible for the opposing team to win the match.

For that reason, Ubisoft decided to deactivate Clash, until they find a solution for the exploit. 

"We are deactivating Clash today. We have become aware of an exploit, and have decided to deactivate Clash. As such, Clash will not be available for play until we have resolved the issue. We appreciate your understanding," Ubisoft wrote in their statement over at Rainbow Six subreddit.

This is the third time that Clash has been removed from the game, which certainly does not look particularly good for Ubisoft, especially so soon after the publisher announced the next-generation version of the game.

It remains to be seen for how long will Clash sit on the bench though, hopefully, Ubisoft will find a fix for the exploit in the upcoming days.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can find more details about the game's Season 5  here .

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