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Rainbow Six Siege dev explains Lesion, Twitch, IQ and other Y5S1 changes

Published: 20:17, 18 February 2020
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Iana
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Iana

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Void Edge has landed on the Test Server and although Oryx and Iana are the natural stars of the show, Ubisoft decided to break down the remaining changes to the game's roster in great detail.


  • Removed initial tick damage from Gu Mines.    
  • Gu Mine damage increased to 6 per tick (from 4).    
  • Players in DBNO will not receive any damage from Gu Mines.    
  • Removing the ability to see Gu Mines icons through obstacles.    
  • Gu Mines icons are invisible beyond 8 meters.

Lesion has been a traditionally solid performer for a while, but Ubisoft wanted to tackle two things with the removal of the initial damage tick on his traps. Firstly, dying to an invisible device is quite frustrating and secondly - players are given a window of opportunity to remove the shard. 

"Lesion will still be able to slow down the enemy, and to gather audio intel. Players in DBNO state will continue to trigger Gu Mines, but won’t suffer from their effect. We are preventing frustrating combos such as Welcome Mats and Gu Mines to leave teams without a possibility to help downed Operators", they wrote. 

Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege's Lesion enthusiasts will no longer see Gu Mines icons through obstacles, or beyond 8 meters even if they are in their line of sight. 


  • Increased recoil for F2 Assault rifle first 6 bullets.    
  • Shock Drone initial ammo reduced to 3 (from 5).    
  • Taser cooldown reduced to 1s (from2).    
  • Additional Dart is added every 30s (up to 3 times).    
  • Dart damage is reduced to 1 (from 10).

The goal here is to highlight Emmanuelle's abilities rather than firepower, hence the seemingly radical rework. Overall, expect a bit more unwieldy weapon. 

"Her drone is a very useful asset to have when playing against a certain type of utility. However, we also realize that it becomes a second-grade drone as soon as its darts are depleted. It is big and cannot jump. The Twitch drone will now start with three darts and will replenish during the game , in the same way Yokai drones do it", Ubisoft wrote.


  • IQ’s gadget will now spot bombs for the whole team.

Ubisoft rainbow six siege artwork showing Operation Void Edge R6 Siege - Operation Void Edge


  • Removed Smart Glasses ability cooldown.    
  • Smart Glasses can be used if there is more than 20% of the total resource available.    
  • Smart Glasses can be stopped manually.

Warden's Smart Glasses will now mimic Vigil, Nokk and Caveira's abilities, in that he can turn them on and off as long as they're not depleted. "Warden is currently not quite where we would like him to be. Recent improvements to Ying and other Operators he can counter could potentially improve his presence", the dev added. 


  • Super Shorty shotgun replaces of M45 as a sidearm.

Rainbow Six Siege team claim that as of Y5S1, Miles will be able to create more advanced and complex set-ups by using his Super Shorty. Additionally, they're hoping this will take some load off Smoke and Mira. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Oryx Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Oryx

You can find more detailed explanations of the Rainbow Six Siege Operator changes here .

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