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Rainbow Six Siege - Maverick and Clash officially revealed

Published: 18:21, 19 August 2018
Updated: 18:25, 19 August 2018
Picture of Clash, a new operator in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Clash

Information about Clash and Maverick has been leaked earlier by Six Major Paris attendees, so it was inevitable that Ubisoft would reveal the operators in near future. Well, it's not future anymore, as they have posted a reveal video.

Ubisoft's reveal video above describes Maverick as a one armour, three speed operator that can quietly burn holes in the walls, reinforced walls, hatches, Castle's barricades, deployable shields and probably the Great Wall of China, but the last one hasn't been tested.

One particularly interesting advantage of Maverick's gadget is that it can destroy Maestro's Evil Eye, which is nigh invincible at the moment, since Twitch and Thatcher's gadgets have been nerfed. 

Maverick's primary weapons will be AR-15 .50 which is a DMR and M4 assault rifle, setting him up as a rather versatile operator that can ruin people's lives in two shots from his DMR or in a hail of bullets from the assault rifle. However, one thing neither his impressive weapons nor the torch can cut through is Clash's CCE shield.

Thanks to this massive, indestructible shield, Clash might become a rare three armour one speed defender that can effectively roam instead of anchoring. Deploying the shield essentially makes her a walking indestructible wall, so she can be utilised to block access points or spawn peek without having to worry about the fact you were revealed to the attackers. CCE shield can soak up infinite damage so Clash will be fine even if the entire enemy team is shooting at her.

It has limitations however, as she can't use primary weapons and has to settle for two sidearms. She also can't melee enemies while the shield is deployed, but instead uses a taser to slow them down and deal three damage per second.

Ubisoft Picture of Maverick from his reveal on Rainbow Six Siege website Rainbow Six Siege - Maverick

To make her vulnerable, enemy players can melee her or use Zofia's concussion grenades for a brief window of opportunity. That said, meleeing Clash might be easier said than done, as the taser from CCE shield drastically reduces the target's movement speed.

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