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Rainbow Six Siege leaks two Y5S3 and S4 operators

Published: 10:28, 09 June 2020
Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

There has been some speculation that Rainbow Six Siege will get a Splinter Cell character, and it seems to be the closest we'll get to the new Splinter Cell game.

We've seen some posts floating around Reddit, and eagle-eyed users immediately noticed Splinter Cell gear. The jury's still out whether we're looking at Sam Fisher, but we've got a pretty good idea what to look out for in terms of abilities. 

Prominent Rainbow Six Siege leakster Kormora now wrote on ResetEra, "I was told the other day that the Season 3 operator will be a crossover with a well known Ubi franchise (No idea if its Sam Fisher himself) and his ability is some sort of drilled camera that sees through walls."

He added that the only thing he managed to get out his dev friends for S4 was the word "lasers". We've since learned that the Rainbow Six Siege operator in question uses laser gates and sports a robotic arm. 

Of course, Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to faked leaks so much like in-game - we thought it would be wise not to rush the gun. That said, another video appeared that confirms Kormora's claims and shows off the two's gameplay. 

You can check out the video below and even though it's not exactly in high-definition, it's sufficient enough to make out Rainbow Six Siege's incoming additions. We're talking about the same person that leaked Grand Larceny a few months back, by the way.

In the latest dev update, Ubisoft discussed cheating in Rainbow Six Siege and promised that YS52 will bring tighter reign over ranked play, with increased authentication and clearance requirements.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rainbow Six Siege

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