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Rainbow Six Siege dev posts update on hacking, cheating, lobby freezing

Published: 17:38, 27 May 2020
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Following up on their Top Issues update from April, Ubisoft posted an update on the hacking, cheating and lobby freezing issues plaguing Rainbow Six Siege.

When it comes to lobby freezing, Rainbow Six Siege was updated with more trackers that helped the team get a clearer picture of the issue. 

"We were able to successfully use that data to implement an auto-kick feature for individuals identified as holding up games through extreme loading times. Kicked players will receive an abandon sanction and be locked out of ranked/unranked until the match is over. We have been monitoring the automatic kicks for some time now on the live servers and have observed high success rates of detecting and only kicking players who are holding up lobbies to the detriment of the other players in the game", Ubisoft wrote. 

As for cheating, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting several changes to better combat the issue. Offline bans should be implemented by the end of May, meaning that players won't need to relog in order to be banned. 

Rainbow Six Siege players can expect more changes in Y5S2, when Ubisoft will be tightening up requirements for Ranked and Champion Rank. 

Ranked will require "increased clearance level" to play, which should make accessing Ranked with illegitimate accounts harder. As for Champion Rank, it will require at least 100 Ranked matches to qualify, in addition to the minimum 5,000 MMR requirement. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege - Ace Rainbow Six Siege - Ace

Ubisoft also wrote that DOS attacks are different from lobby freezing in that they usually happen during gameplay and show the connectivity icons.

"We have also observed some unusual network traffic and activity for Console players and suspect that some cases of lobby-freezing on Console may be tied to DOS attacks. We are currently pursuing this and investigating the issue and will update when we learn more", they wrote. 

You can find the full post on Ubisoft's website .

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