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Rainbow Six Siege cheaters can now change your operators

Published: 16:51, 30 September 2019
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Lord Tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege players have noticed a new trend among cheaters. Instead of aimbotting and wallhacking, the cheaters now opt to mess around with other players by changing their operators.

Ever since its release back in late 2015, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege had a fair amount of cheaters and hackers. The community has seen it all really, despite several anti-hacking measures from Ubisoft. However, the latest hack is something different from the standard aimbot or wallhack cheats you may have encountered in Siege.

This one allows the hacker to change your operator after it has been chosen. As you can see from the video below, courtesy of Rainbow Six Siege player Lakii, the player initially picks Caveira as his operator but at the Ready screen, a user named "LOLXDFUNNYMEME" joins the chat by saying "wait" to which Lakii responds "what". Shortly after that, Lakii's operator changes to Bandit and LOLXDFUNNYMEME concludes the conversation by saying "you play bandit now".

Lakii's teammates are joking around saying "next thing, he's going to turn off your eletricity" and the whole thing is quite amusing. Still, this is a pretty serious hack and Ubisoft support responded to Lakii's video by saying that they've collected the video and have forward it to the security team for further review.

Lakii claims that this is not the first time he encountered the LOLXDFUNNYMEME player. In another ranked match, Lakii asked the hacker which skin he's getting and the hacker responded "dev", giving Lakii a developer skin. It's safe to say that LOLXDFUNNYMEME is one skilful hacker. Unfortunately for Lakii, he didn't get to keep the skin.

Until now, the operator change hack was pretty uncommon and let's hope it stays that way so everyone can enjoy the game as intended. 

For more info about Rainbow Six Siege operators, you can take a look at , which are the latest two operators to join the expanding roster. Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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