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Rainbow Six Siege Amaru and Goyo have been officially revealed

Published: 13:27, 19 August 2019
Picture of Goyo and Amaru in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Ember Rise has been officially revealed during Raleigh Major. This new bit of content will include two operators - attacker Amaru and defender Goyo along with an overhaul of the previously existing map Kanal.

Six Major Raleigh has come and gone with Team Empire taking the title by beating G2 Esports in the finals. The esports part wasn't the only hotly anticipated thing that would happen during the event as players were waiting for Ubisoft to confirm all the leaks regarding Operation Ember Rise and reveal Goyo and Amaru's gameplay.

All of that happened, all the leaks turned out to be true and we got to see Mexican and Peruvian operators in action. They will both be two speed, two armour operators, with Goyo being the defender and Amaru the attacker.

Goyo's gadget is the Volcán deployable shield. As expected, it has some fiery capabilities. They come from the canister Goyo attaches at the back of the shield and it will go off if someone shoots it, blows it up with another explosive or destroys the shield.

The canister then bursts into flames, temporarily rendering everything around it designated barbecue area. It melts health quickly so it's not wise to try and run through the flames.

As for the regular weapons, Goyo has a choice between Vector .45 ACP and TCSG 12 for primary, P229 secondary and Nitro Cell or Impact Grenades as regular gadgets.

Meanwhile, Amaru will be able to counter Goyo's area denial shenanigans by using her grappling hook that has two charges. It allows the operator to latch onto a wall edge, window or a broken hatch, following which she will pull herself to the marked area.

Ubisoft Picture of the Operation Ember Rise operators in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Goyo and Amaru

Just like Goyo and the rest of Year 4 operators, Amaru will get a recycled weapon loadout featuring G8A1 LMG, SuperNova shotgun, ITA12S sidearm shotgun and SMG 11 as the alternate secondary. She gets a choice between Claymore and Breaching charges for regular gadgets.

Kanal has been reworked and you can see it in-game from the embedded video above.

Rainbow Six Siege

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