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Last chance to get Alan Wake on Steam

Published: 10:33, 13 May 2017
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Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake is being taken off Steam due to an expiring music license 7 years after its release and the horror title will be 90 per cent off, in its final 48 hours on the platform. Last call for anyone still looking to add the game to their library.

Of all the silly little things that might be standing between a PC gamer and purchasing his game of choice, music licences aren't really one that comes up too often. In any case, Alan Wake will be taken off Steam in the coming days for exactly that reason.

Remedy Picture of some person with a gun in a rather creepy environment Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment seems to have negotiated some sort of timed contract for the games soundtrack that will expire on 15 May 2017. The company is currently in the process of to fix this, but there is no timeframe set for when this might happen.

Alan Wake will be taken off all digital distribution platforms on the set date, and there will be a Sunset Sale of the game with a 90 per cent discount going on during the game's final 48 hours. Remedy is in control of pricing on Steam, but there is no word yet if the discount will appear on other platforms.

Players who already own the game and its DLCs will not be affected by this, a purchase is a purchase, and Alan Wake will only be removed from storefronts.

The "psychological action thriller" has received generally favourable reviews back when it was released, so grabbing it for just under £3 when the goes live is quite a bargain.

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