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PUBG's PC update adds new weapon and War Mode: Conquest

Published: 19:10, 18 October 2018
Skorpion, PUBG's new weapon added in PC Update #23
PUBG, Skorpion

PUBG Corp have rolled out the PC update #23 to the test servers, adding among other things a brand new weapon called the Skorpion and a new War Mode: Conquest, which pits platoons of 50 against one another in a fight for objectives.

The Skorpion is an all-maps weapon that uses 9mm ammo in a 20 bullet clip, expandable to 40 with extended magazines. It shoots in single fire and full auto modes and uses the following attachments: red dot sight, suppressor, vertical foregrip / half grip / lights grip / laser sight, stock for Micro UZI, extended magazine. 

As for PUBG's new War Mode: Conquest, the platoons are tasked with holding objectives in an area, earning points while doing so. As you'd expect, the team with the highest score wins and PUBG Corp actually promised a "detailed guide for recommended custom match settings" at a later date.

At the moment, you can play around with other match options for War Mode: Conquest, such as capture area radius and so on. Note that replays are not available in the mode, but they will be added at a later date too.

PUBG Corp have christened the Training Mode map and Camp Jackal, as it's now called, can be selected as a War Mode map in custom games. The dev also toned the colour of the blue zones down a bit, so as to make it easier to see through, and tweaked the zone's opacity difference that was occasionally too strong depending on the weather and map.

Unfortunately, the game's desync has been horrible lately and while the company promised to address the issue by the end of the year, update #23 doesn't include any such attempts. Maybe the user who asked for on the training map, so he can "practice and get used to desync", was on the right track after all.

PUBG Corp The skateboard loop from PUBG's upcoming Training Mode PUBG Corp, Training Mode

PUBG Corp will now let players check out the patch notes directly in the game's client, although the feature will only be available once the #23 update is on the live servers. 

You can check out PUBG's PC update #23 patch notes .

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