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A new update has landed for PUBG on Xbox One, branded Update 11

Published: 15:57, 21 March 2018
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PUBG Xbox One

PUBG Corp have deployed a new PUBG patch today bringing new performance optimization, UI quality of life changes, a free cosmetic item, plane population clarification and some bug fixes. Let's dig into it.

PUBG on Xbox has been treated to another patch that somewhat fixes one of its major woes - performance. This patch will implement ''texture changes to improve graphical performance'' but it is not specified which textures exactly. Vehicle profiles also received some sort of optimisation in order to improve frame rate. Some ''additional fixes'' have also been introduced in order to reduce crashes.

As cryptic as the performance updates sound, UI changes are easier to figure out. Inventory layout has been improved by adding focal points to identify selected areas. Button guide and tooltips have received received some clarification changes.

YouTube A person on a village road with a selector circle above his head PUBG Emotes. So we can cry for real.

Shuffling through inventory has also been made easier, as players can now change the focus of weapon slot and attachment selection by using the D-Pad. Quick scrolling functionality has also been added for LT and RT buttons.

Players will now be able to see a counter showing how many people are still in the plane during the starting phase. This is definitely helpful since jumping into a same spot as 20 other people is a perfect anti-chicken dinner recipe.

AltChar An aerial shot of an aeroplane flying in game PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Dropping in three, two, one.

Varsity Jacket, also known as the PUBG5 jacket that was announced last week will be reward to all players after 12:01 AM on 22 March. Time zone is not specified, but you can expect it will pop up in your inventory during 22 March 2018. It will be found in the customization tab.

PUBG Corp seem to have employed Ghost Busters, since after this patch players will no longer hear footsteps when no other players are in the vicinity. Another issue that caused the blue zone to display erratically was also fixed. 


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