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PUBG for Xbox One gets Miramar and a huge patch to match

Published: 13:58, 24 May 2018
PUBG player jumping with a motorcycle off of a cliff on Miramar

PUBG Corp have made their Xbox One playerbase wait on Miramar for quite a while now, although they'll be hoping to make it up with a hefty patch that brings new items, weapons, vehicles and game features to the Microsoft edition of PUBG.

To be fair though, it was about time Miramar arrived, not least after seeing PUBG Mobile get it . Nevertheless, PUBG Corp came through and Xbox One players have got a lot to be excited about.

The dev describes Miramar as purposefully intended for a different sort of battle royale, with less foliage, plenty of elevated terrain and numerous soaring buildings. PUBG will now further emphasise the difference between regular and off-road vehicles, making the choice quite important for gameplay.

PUBG's Miramar for Xbox One comes with three new weapons. First up is the R45 revolver, a high-damage and high-accuracy weapon that that uses 45 ACP ammo and can equip dot sights. The Win 94 is a new mid-range lever-action rifle that also uses 45 ACP and inflicts "severe damage". The Sawed-off, which as the name suggests is a small shotgun, uses 12 gauge ammo and is another severe damage weapon.

As for the vehicles, Greene and Co added a six-seat mini bus, which is an on road vehicle with strong durability but slow torque and top speeeed. PUBG's second new Miramar vehicle is the four-seat pickup truck, an off-roader with great suspension and torque. Motorbikes and buggies were also treated to new skins for Miramar's Xbox One outing.

PUBG Corp also added emotes and tweaked the realism of scopes by expanding their field of view, adding parallax effects during quick movement, etc. The dev added a recoloured version of the Ghillie suit on Miramar as well some fancy cosmetic work on the user interface, which should make the game look more sleek for the Xbox One hordes.

Tencent Games Image celebrating the milestone of 10 million users in PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

As usual, PUBG's Xbox One update lists a host of other performance related and unrelated improvements so if you care enough, you can find the official PUBG Xbox One May update notes .

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