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You can snatch in-game rewards for doing a PUBG weapon survey

Published: 09:37, 06 May 2018
PUBG weapons are placed on a concrete floor, facing each other

PUBG Corp seem to be intent on changing their silent ways and are now looking to interact more with the players. Their latest effort is a survey where they ask players about the weapon re-balance, while offering rewards for participation.

PUBG's Steam page was updated recently, detailing a survey that will help the team determine how satisfied players are with the weapon overhaul that happened on 26 April 2018. They noted that this is their first attempt to bring a balance change of this scale to the game and are therefore not entirely sure if it will work towards players' satisfaction or anguish.

The survey is already underway and it will run until 14 May 2018. It will end at 17:00 CET for Europe and 08:00 PDT for North America. Players will not need to register anywhere special in order to participate in the survey, but instead just type their PUBG in-game nickname in and answer the questions below.

There are 23 questions in total but only the first five are required in order to enter the lottery. It is, however, advised that the players answer all of the questions, which should take more than five to ten minutes in total, but it will help improve gameplay experience in the future. 

Players who participate in the survey will enter a lottery where 1000 players will be awarded two early bird keys each which is equal to $5 or £3,70. The winners will be selected randomly and they will be announced on Tuesday, 22 May 2018. There are some some participation rules in place though. The same account cannot enter the survey twice, but players with several accounts can enter with each account once. Breaching the community's rules of conduct will disqualify players from the raffle and winners announcement as well survey result dates may be subject to change.

Bluehole Showcase of the FN FAL or SLR which is the newest weapon addition to PUBG. PUBG - SLR

PUBG Corp have once again they're "committed to continuously improving PUBG" and that the game balance is an important chunk of that commitment, so they extended their thanks to players who dedicate their time for the survey.

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